Arena History
1933 New Building Ka-We-De 8'000
1986 Rebuilding Ka-We-De 250

Past Teams
1933 SC Bern
1943 EHC Rot Blau Bern Bümpliz

In summer, the "Ka-We-De" is used as a
swimming pool (with artificial waves). In german, the 3 letters K, W and D stand for skating rink, swimming pool, Dälhölzli. Between 1953 and 2008, the US embassy was located near the rink.
Sold Out Games (by teams)
2x SC Bern HC Villars
1x SC Bern SCL Tigers
1x SC Bern Young Sprinters Bluestar
1x SC Bern Hammarby IF
1x SC Bern MoDo Hockey
1x SC Bern HC Davos
1x SC Bern EHC Visp
Total: 8 Sold Out Games

Sold Out Games (by season)
2x 1967
1x 196519641963195919581942
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